Who Benefits From Your Doubts? | #43


The Belief: We must strive for perfection for our own self growth, so we burn out from trying to be and do everything that is expected of us. The Reality: Billionaires and industries profit off your doubts, fears, and insecurities and you can STOP giving in to their messaging and manipulations. It is an act of resistance to be your amazing self regardless of what other people think is normal or appropriate. In this episode we’re tackling what it means to perform perfection and presentation in all aspects of life — home, work, even the grocery store. 

This episode has a very special guest, my friend Sarah, who shares her story of anxiety and panic in the face of going back to the office. Not because of mask protocols or work stress, but because of her belief that she would need to spend hundreds of dollars on looking “professional” again (until she realized she didn’t). 

Check out Jodi-Ann Burey’s TEDx Talk, “The myth of bringing your full, authentic self to work” here: https://www.ted.com/talks/jodi_ann_burey_the_myth_of_bringing_your_full_authentic_self_to_work/

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Proud to Be a Quitter | #42


Quitting has a bad reputation, but it’s a great skill to be able to walk away from things that no longer serve you. Whether it’s quitting a job, quitting being a people pleaser, or simply unfollowing accounts on social media that make you feel bad, learning when to quit is an invaluable asset in your toolbox. This episode is all about why and how to call it quits — featuring an interview with JD Dharmasurya of the Our Front Porch podcast about her long and storied history of all the hobbies, projects, and businesses she’s quit. 

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Why Do We Want to Be Normal? | #41


“Normal” is a red flag — it’s code for the white, cis heteronormative, capitalist, ableist patriarchy in power. And this season of Run Like Hell Toward Happy is here to help you break up with normal and wake up to your wild, free, creative, freaky self in all your glorious magnificence. We are on a mission (you too, if you’re listening!) to show the world what is possible when you let go of normal and breathe life into all the unique parts of yourself. Each time you step outside the box and put yourself first, it creates a ripple effect and models that possibility for every single person around you. The revolution begins now! 

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F*ck Creativity Resolutions| #40


Your creative goals should be achievable and actionable, but most of us set lofty, dreamy goals without thinking about the consistency that they truly require. This finale episode of the F*ck New Years Resolutions series helps you set realistic creative goals that feel good, and STOPS the cycle of shame when you don’t fulfill meet those big expectations. 

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F*ck Weight Loss Resolutions | #39


Hi there! You might think weight loss goals will help you be healthier — that is actually, factually false. This episode breaks down the silent, sneaky impact of diet culture and the lies we believe as pure fact. BMI is bullshit, diets never work, and “obesity” is not unhealthy. No matter what you think you know about weight and body goals, you’ll learn something new in this one. 

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F*ck Money Resolutions | #38


Money is such a sticky subject! Our goals and resolutions around money tend to have morality lurking right behind them, suggesting that we’re better people if we do XYZ with our funds. Not true! 

This episode unpacks several New Years Resolutions around personal finance including paying off debt, getting a higher paying job, and cutting out “frivolous” spending. Just like we learned last week, it’s important to examine the motivations behind the goal in order to create a sustainable action plan that’s in line with your long term vision and isn’t just an arbitrary New Year goal post. 

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Also mentioned in the show: Episode 25, 7 Money Mindset Shifts — this episode helps unpack common money mindsets to shift your thinking into something way more inviting to that good good cash flow! 

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F*ck Productivity Resolutions | #37


Are you a productivity resolution maker? Do you start each year with a fresh planner only to abandon it before the spring? Do you feel bad about yourself when your plan to bullet journal or learn the Pomodoro method goes awry? 

This episode will help you say NO THANKS to the sneaky shame spiral of popular productivity resolutions and embrace a plan for truly achieving a goal that aligns with your long-term vision. 

You’ll learn four steps for setting a realistic goal: 1) Identify the REASON for the goal. 2) Set small 90 day goals. 3) Find an accountability method to check in. 4) Regularly assess and evaluate your progress. 

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Are You Qualified? | #36


Are you qualified to do what you do? Whether you’re an artist, writer, musician, or anything else, you likely have the belief that you need some type of official qualification that says you’re good at what you do. But a lot of qualifications aren’t necessary, they’re just another way for us to feed the imposter syndrome lingering in our minds. You DON’T need a degree. You DON’T need to be a trained artist. You DON’T need 99% of the qualifications out there. Today’s episode is about the mindset shift away from qualifications and toward experience and consistency. 

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This is the last episode of Season 3, and I’ll be back in January with a new season of Run Like Hell Toward Happy. 

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What Makes Us Worthy? | #35


Spoilers: You are worthy and deserving RIGHT NOW. Let’s unpack the stories that came up in your head that make you want to argue with me when I say you’re worthy and valuable today, just as you are, imperfections and all. Do we need to be perfect to be worthy? NO. Do we need to get everything right to be worthy? NO. This quick episode will help you rethink worthiness and start to consider that maybe you’ve got it deep down without needing to change a thing. 

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How Do You Define Success? | #34


Let’s talk success! If you don’t make a plan for how you’ll measure your success or know that you’ve achieved a goal, you might just miss it when it happens. Today’s episode helps you make goals with clear marks of success, both in measurable, quantifiable ways as well as subjectively deciding how you want to FEEL when you achieve your goal. 

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