Creation is a Radical Act | #54


Your creativity is a radical, fundamental part of you. We explore what that means in this episode of Run Like Hell Toward Happy! 

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Onto the episode! First we define “radical” as either going against the status quo (aka capitalist patriarchy) or relating to the fundamentals of something. How can you take simple, radical action that supports yourself and your energy? Your creativity is itself a radical action – but there’s also so much more. Keep listening to find out. 

This episode discusses The Nap Ministry and Tricia Hersey’s upcoming book! You can pre-order that here:

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54 Creation is Radical

[00:00:00] Hello, and welcome back. Happy Friday. It’s been, it’s been a couple of weeks for me. so let’s check in a little bit. Let’s check in emotionally and spiritually and in your body, how are you feeling? I personally have had a lot of like, big trauma that I’ve been repressing forever, come back to haunt me.

So, if there’s anything that you thought that you had handled that’s, coming back up in your subconscious or your conscious mind that apparently is because, Mars is in Gemini right now. And I don’t understand what that means, but that’s what my friends who are into astrology tell me, so I’m gonna go with that.

And that is why, it’s been emotionally chaotic. Cool. great. I, I love having a planet to [00:01:00] blame, so I’m in, but yeah, lots of journaling here. Lots of therapy, lots of Tarot reading. So much fun. Okay. So just to get started off in this episode, I want to talk about some upcoming events that I am doing.

So one is I’m doing a free training called how to start a creative practice without self sabotaging. and that is being held on September 13th. this episode is coming out on the second. So you have some time to sign up, but I’d recommend you just go ahead and go sign up for that, if you are interested so that you get the notification, when it goes live and everything, we’re just gonna be hanging out on zoom, doing a really dope training that I am really, really, really, really, really excited about.

I had so much fun putting it together and I have not taught this one before. This is sort of a, a reenvisioning of [00:02:00] prior trainings that I have done. So there might be some familiar stuff, but also some new stuff. So stick around. And then also, the second cohort of the 90 day goal glow up is beginning on October 3rd.

So what is goal glow up? What is the glow up? I just call it glow up. It started off. I’m gonna tell, I’m gonna take you on a journey with me. It started off as a goal incubator, like bring whatever goal you have, apply these goal oriented trainings and self concepting and other things to whatever goal you have, and achieve goal within 90 days, that was the premise.

And then I got all people who had writing projects. So now it’s a writing incubator because the writers came to me. And I’m like, you know what? That makes sense. [00:03:00] That makes sense. So it’s, it could still be used for any goal, honestly, but specifically, especially if you have a writing project, the glow up is kind of an accelerated container to get that project done, some version of it in 90 days. So that could look like outlining a novel, that could look like first drafting a novel, it’s really dependent on what, like level of time you can put into it weekly. To see like how fast your goal can move basically.

But it is definitely an action oriented program. Passion Pacers is a little more soft, a little more, “Hey, you know, take your time.” Like, absolutely. This is about balance. This is about unlearning hustle. So like, yeah, there’s a lot of rest in passion Pacers. There’s a lot of [00:04:00] self-compassion, not that there’s not in glow up, but passion Pacers is much more like go at your own pace, which is why it’s called that.

And then 90 day goal glow up the intention really is for you to achieve something that’s a little outside your comfort zone within 90 days. Now it is not just a 90 day program. It is a lifetime program. So this year I’m running it in two cohorts and that’s allowing me to sort of tweak, fine tune, get more feedback from smaller groups to sort of work out all the kinks.

And then next year it’s my intention to launch glow up as an ongoing weekly accountability program. So it is buy once keep forever. So in this fall cohort, starting in October, our spring glow getters are going to come back and take the next 90 days toward their goal.

So it is [00:05:00] build upon-able, it’s honestly really fucking dope. That program is $2,000. You keep it forever. And honestly, it’s, it’s a steal and the price might go up next year, depending on what that looks like. So you, you wanna get in on this right now, especially if you’re a writer, okay. Links to those, uh, the how to start a creative practice without self sabotaging workshop slash training, as well as a link to glow up will be in the show notes.

Also, uh, get on my email list. If you are not on my email list info about both of those will be going out so that you are getting the link and a reminder, because I know if you’re here, you probably have ADHD like me and you’re like, I should totally go click on those links. And then you don’t. Because our brains are out here not giving us the nice things that we want.

So get on my email list. That link will also be in the show notes. So I know that that’s a crapshoot, but it’s Bitly [00:06:00] slash Cait Capital C – a- i – t notes, capital N OT, E S Cait notes. That’s me. I’m Cait. They’re my notes. Bitly slash Cait notes. Cool. Let’s actually get to the topic. So today’s episode is creation is a radical act.

So let’s define radical. Radical is something against the status quo against the norm. And radical can also mean like relating to the fundamental nature of something. So. You hear, geez. Like, I don’t wanna bring Donald Trump into this, but, I always laugh when people , when he says that Joe Biden is a radical leftist, because like, bro on the journey to radical leftism, [00:07:00] Joe Biden is a Republican.

Like he’s a conservative Mm, no, he’s a centrist at his most left. So let’s talk about like radical leftism. That is a political ideology. Basically, and I’m not a fucking expert. I’m so sorry. This, this is why my book, where I was like, I don’t know. Capitalism could be okay. God, shut up. No, you were wrong.

It’s fine. So, radical leftist, that’s someone who like wants the government to provide for the fundamental needs of the people, such as healthcare and education and food and shelter, you know, uh, things that we treat like silly little luxuries here and… they’re not. Those, those should be basic. Those should be fundamental.

So believing that [00:08:00] healthcare is a fundamental human right, uh, is, is radical. That’s a radical idea right now. I, I think it should be pretty automatic, but whatever that’s radical. let’s also talk about like, Feminism. I don’t wanna get into like radical feminism. Cause I think that goes into like TERF territory, but like the idea of like relationships.

Have you seen these articles coming out about like dating is so hard for single men, right? Because uh, [Dog Barking] women expect them to do stuff. [I know Gwen. I know, can you believe it? She can’t believe it.] So it seems very radical, like against the status quo when women, femmes, [00:09:00] people who were assigned female at birth and have been socialized in this fucking, “your needs don’t matter, just serve the men around you” kind of thing. Um, all the jokes about like making me a sandwich, shit like that, we expect more now. And we just will break up with a dude if he’s an asshole. And that apparently is a radical act, even though it should be automatic, but Hey, we can get bank accounts now, we can do all sorts of things all by ourselves without a man to save us.

God. These things shouldn’t be radical, but they are. And that’s what this episode’s about. Hey, it’s radical stuff. So resting is radical, saying no and having boundaries is radical. Having a thriving living wage is radical, using the block button on Facebook and Twitter is radical. Like anything that, [00:10:00] that shuts down this sort of norm in which the people in power should be able to spew bullshit upon you, and you turn off that spout, is a radical act. That is my belief. The further you are from the supremacy, from the privilege. So the further you are from white Christian, cisgender heterosexual, male, um, wealthy, thin neurotypical, able bodied, like the more it is radical and revolutionary for you to just exist and vibe and be content with yourself rather than trying to hide those parts of yourself or mask them in order to fit in [00:11:00] with that social norm.

Trying to make people in power feel more comfortable is the norm. So when we stop doing that, oh, I definitely was this person at my last job.

If you remember back in the day, I told this story in like episode one or two, I gave my manager like a good six months to like, Get on board and like learn all the stuff about our company and our department and things like that. And then at like six months, I was like, this, this man should know things by now.

And so I just, I simply stopped taking care of him. that’s all I did. I wasn’t being shitty. I, I did not change anything except that I stopped anticipating his fuckups for him and stopping him from making them. That’s what I stopped. And, I was called insubordinate. I started getting like, just a ton of issues at work.

He, he would become very upset with me when I would say no to [00:12:00] him. And that, that is what I’m talking about. When you’re just like, no, I’m not gonna do that. You get labeled a problem.

We have this “quiet quitting” phenomenon right now, which I’m obsessed with because corporations are so upset that people are literally just fulfilling their job description and then going home at the end of the day. They’re like, why aren’t you going above and beyond? And it’s like, because you’re not. Like, you don’t pay a thriving wage, you barely pay a living wage So to be like, well, we, you know, we offer you this shitty salary and, uh, these shitty benefits… so we own your soul.

excuse me, that’s capitalism and we don’t fuck with capitalism. Sometimes we have to participate within the systems [00:13:00] of capitalism because we gotta pay bills. And we’re not, we’re not gonna overthrow capitalism overnight. Probably not even within our lifetime. I don’t know if it’s ever gonna happen, but what we can do is resist.

We can resist capitalism and anything that you do to resist capitalism is a radical self nourishing act. So you think you’re lazy. You think you’re useless. I’m telling you, you are fighting the fucking status quo. So good job. PS drink some water.

So let’s talk about what I mean by creation is radical.

And first I would like to quote RENT because as I was writing the outline for this episode, the line from La Vie Boheme, when they’re all like in this restaurant being [00:14:00] kind of dicks to the staff is… who says it? I think it’s mark. He says “the opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creation.” And that’s probably a quote from somewhere else, but if it’s not, and it’s from rent, like good job me and I love that line.

I love that line. I have complicated feelings about rent, uh, but that line is good. so like, we, don’t just, we don’t just want to fit in. We don’t just want to be able to exist. We want to be able to express,

like we talked about last episode when the world is dark, it’s not the time to shut up and fit in. It’s the time to get loud. It’s the time to get very expressive. It’s the time to shout from the rooftops and make bold statements and make bold art. And that’s, that’s what we’re talking about with this Renaissance [00:15:00] theme.

So now is the time for creativity, like we said last week, especially from people on the margins, people further away from that standard, the cis het white dude standard.

And. Honestly, the world needs more art that is not that standard. We need more queer art, black art, indigenous art, disabled art, autistic art, fat art. We need all this awesome stuff. We need more businesses run by queer black, indigenous disabled, autistic, you know, all these people. More board members who represent these margins, more reviewers, more decision makers, because like, look what happens at the Oscars or whatever.

Like really great movies are being made by people all around the world. And like who wins like [00:16:00] white dudes and white women win a lot of awards over and over and over and over again, even when arguably better movies are out there because the people voting. Represent that norm. So yeah, be fucking loud and make fucking art.

That’s what I mean by creation is radical. The more margins you exist in, the more intersections of those identities that are far away from the norm, the more your creativity and your art and your presence subverts this capitalist norm.

And I also wanna talk about rest, cuz you know, we love a nap here.

but I wanna talk about the idea of rest being radical or rest being resistance. And here, I really wanna talk about, the nap ministry, which is, um, it’s a website. It is an [00:17:00] Instagram account. Um, the Nap Ministry was created by Tricia Hersey. And she created, oh shit. Is it she, her, let me go double check their pronouns, the website doesn’t say it.

Just think if it was they them, that would be pretty front and center. Here you go. Here’s how I figure out people’s pronouns as I just go to their website and I look

okay. Yeah, no, this blog post says black woman, so I’m gonna go with she, her. So she Tricia here created the Rest is Resistance Framework. She offers coaching, speaking engagements, all sorts of things. And she has a book coming out called Rest is Resistance: A Manifesto, that you can pre-order. I will put the link to that in the show notes.

And when I started following the Nap ministry on Instagram, a couple of years ago, [00:18:00] that really started shifting my perception of rest and relaxation, and it also helped, It helped me see rest as an intersectional thing. Like obviously I’m out here existing as a white person. I’m pretty privileged. I’m well educated, like I’m disabled and queer and non-binary so I definitely need rest for me as a disabled person, as an autistic person, like rest is important to me and my intersection of marginalizations, but, learning from Tricia and the Nap ministry, just how much anti-capitalism is intertwined with black liberation because capitalism was built on slavery.

Like that’s really important working knowledge to have and be growing. Right. So for one, I’m really excited to read this book because I, I need [00:19:00] more black authors. My bookshelf looks real white and I don’t love that about my bookshelf. So. I’m super excited. That book comes out in October, which is soon that’s next month.

Oh my God. That’s very exciting. I love, I love a pre-order because I forget about it completely. And then my bank account is like, Hey, you just spent $25. And I’m like, well, I don’t know what that was. And then the mail arrives and I’m like, aha. I remember it’s a book. Anyway, rest is a radical act. Rest is the resistance of capitalism.

So if that sounds super hokey to you, I really encourage you to check out the Nap ministry because there is a wealth of information to learn and unlearn and recontextualize around rest and anti-capitalism, and black [00:20:00] liberation, especially, but liberation for all of us who are in this fucking grind, hustle, capitalist mindset. anything that allows us to slow down and detach from that grind is resistance. And I love it. It’s radical.

So how can your creativity and rest be a radical act? Because if you’re anything like me, you’re hearing this and you’re like, oh, well, yeah, their art is special. Their art is radical. Their art is resistance.

But my art, my I’m just, I’m just some lady. I’m just some person I’m just a, I don’t know, a teacher and I, I make wire art on the weekends or, yeah, I’m writing a novel, I guess, but like I’m not doing important things. Yes you are. Yes, you are. Right now, I have this big poster on my wall that just [00:21:00] says art is work and I love it because it, it, its depending on the day it tells me different things.

So like one is that like art is as important. Or should be as important, right? That’s the radical part. Let’s get down to the fundamentals. Art should be considered as important as we consider work. And also art is labor. It’s a labor of love and creativity. It is it’s work, but I also love that your work can be creative.

Work can be art as well. It just really speaks to me and I love it. I have another, um, art piece that says you are a tenacious and magnificent being. I have, I’m really surrounded by some good fucking art in here. I made a good office. Anyway, we’re not talking about my office. We’re talking about you and your creativity and your rest being [00:22:00] radical.

So here’s how, here’s how to be radically creative. Are you ready? Do some stuff, do some creative stuff. That’s it. That’s literally it. That is the secret. Rest and play and be creative and be fucking useless to capitalism. If capitalism calls you and is like, Hey, you free? Your response is no, I have plans.

And then in the next scene, I want it to cut to you in bed with your cat. Crocheting something like, nah, no capitalism. I can’t talk to you today. I’m really busy. And then you’re taking a nap. You’re like, oh, so sorry. Double booked myself. And the double book is a mani and a pedi. Like I don’t, I don’t care what, what you’re doing, but be absolutely [00:23:00] pointless to capitalism as often as possible. Read books, have sex, go lay in the grass. Look at clouds, go hang out with weird friends and be weird and do weird things. Make, make funny voices. And if people get mad that you are wasting time or being lazy or being pointless, I encourage you to eat them.

And that’s it for this episode. I love you. All those amazing links will be in the show notes. This is your final reminder, if you have ADHD, to go check out the show notes and I will talk to you guys again really soon in a week, it’s pretty predictable. Anyway. Bye.

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