F*ck Weight Loss Resolutions | #39


Hi there! You might think weight loss goals will help you be healthier — that is actually, factually false. This episode breaks down the silent, sneaky impact of diet culture and the lies we believe as pure fact. BMI is bullshit, diets never work, and “obesity” is not unhealthy. No matter what you think you know about weight and body goals, you’ll learn something new in this one. 

Catch up on all the F*ck New Years Resolution shows at runlikehelltowardhappy.com/fnyr!

Thanks to Leave Nelson B for music and Jen Hearn for photography! Come hang out with us in the Run Like Hell Toward Happy Community on Facebook: facebook.com/groups/runlikehelltowardhappy. 

Published by Caitlin

Caitlin writes and coaches about trauma recovery, relationships, motivation and confidence, self-love, queer identity, and social justice. They are the author of The Gaslighting of the Millennial Generation. Find their work at caitlinlizfisher.com

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