F*ck Money Resolutions | #38


Money is such a sticky subject! Our goals and resolutions around money tend to have morality lurking right behind them, suggesting that we’re better people if we do XYZ with our funds. Not true! 

This episode unpacks several New Years Resolutions around personal finance including paying off debt, getting a higher paying job, and cutting out “frivolous” spending. Just like we learned last week, it’s important to examine the motivations behind the goal in order to create a sustainable action plan that’s in line with your long term vision and isn’t just an arbitrary New Year goal post. 

Catch up on all the F*ck New Years Resolution shows at runlikehelltowardhappy.com/fnyr!

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Also mentioned in the show: Episode 25, 7 Money Mindset Shifts — this episode helps unpack common money mindsets to shift your thinking into something way more inviting to that good good cash flow! 

Thanks to Leave Nelson B for the use of his amazing music and to Jen Hearn for photography! See you next time. 

Published by Caitlin

Caitlin writes and coaches about trauma recovery, relationships, motivation and confidence, self-love, queer identity, and social justice. They are the author of The Gaslighting of the Millennial Generation. Find their work at caitlinlizfisher.com

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