F*ck Creativity Resolutions| #40


Your creative goals should be achievable and actionable, but most of us set lofty, dreamy goals without thinking about the consistency that they truly require. This finale episode of the F*ck New Years Resolutions series helps you set realistic creative goals that feel good, and STOPS the cycle of shame when you don’t fulfill meet those big expectations. 

Also, I’ve made you a workbook to make your action plan for your goals! Check it out at runlikehelltowardhappy.com/offer. 

Thanks to Leave Nelson B for music and Jen Hearn for photography! 


Published by Caitlin

Caitlin writes and coaches about trauma recovery, relationships, motivation and confidence, self-love, queer identity, and social justice. They are the author of The Gaslighting of the Millennial Generation. Find their work at caitlinlizfisher.com

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