How to Have an Ethical Business: Interview with Ash Roulston | #30


Today we are talking “ethical consumption under capitalism,” and how to purchase FROM ethical businesses, as well as how to OPERATE an ethical business yourself as a small business owner. This episode is definitely more business focused but has gems of wisdom and new things to learn for everyone. 

On the agenda: 

  • What makes a business ethical?
  • How can you shop ethically/sustainably?
  • Is it ethical to have employees?
  • Is outsourcing ethical?
  • How can YOU make sure that your small business is ethical? 

Join us for an hour of business ethics + ADHD tangents as always. 

Pre register for Creativity Under Capitalism at

Thanks to Leave Nelson B for music and Jen Hearn for photography! 

Published by Caitlin

Caitlin writes and coaches about trauma recovery, relationships, motivation and confidence, self-love, queer identity, and social justice. They are the author of The Gaslighting of the Millennial Generation. Find their work at

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