Level Up Your Creativity: Interview with Anne-Marie Lindsey | #24


Say hello to Anne-Marie Lindsey! She’s a talented artist and AWESOME stay at home mom, and she was our first giveaway winner. She’s on the show today to talk with me about the Level Up Framework and how taking the Level Up course has given her creative tools to work through mindset shifts as she processes her childhood trauma.

A note, as always, I am not a licensed therapist or clinician and my teachings, memberships, and courses are not designed to diagnose or treat medical conditions.

But most of us have trauma kicking around in our brains that stops us from going for our creative dreams because we think we’re not good enough, or it’s not a good use of our time, or some other thing that someone you trusted told you when you were young. Over the years, we lose touch with creativity.

The Level Up course started as a trauma recovery course to approach trauma in a more creative way, with role playing game aspects to make your life more of a narrative you were in charge of, rather than something that just happened to you. Looking at life as a type of choose-your-own-adventure book can be very powerful! In its second iteration, Level Up incorporated more creative exercises, and now coming into its third version, it will focus more on creativity than trauma recovery.

So Anne-Marie and I are talking about creativity, trauma recovery, and more!

You can get on the waitlist for Level Up at criticalhitrecovery.com/course.

ALSO: This is the last episode of Season 2! I will be back in October after a break and we’ll get right back to balancing work, life, play, and rest. 

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