Recovering from Gifted Kid Burnout | #19


How can you set boundaries with yourself (and others) so you don’t take on too much?

Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you HAVE TO.

In this episode, we’re unpacking what it means to be gifted and talented, from the selection process that identifies gifted students to the idea of your self concept as a gifted child through adulthood, and how to stop focusing so much on high achievement in order to feel valuable and good enough.

You’re good enough! You don’t have to prove it or achieve it. You don’t have to achieve your dreams RIGHT NOW — it’s okay to pace yourself, make mistakes, and do things imperfectly.

In this episode I talk about a great article from the Hechinger Report entitled, “Why decades of trying to end racial segregation in gifted education haven’t worked” and you can find that article here:

I also refer back to Episode 11, How to Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome, which you can find here: (or just scroll back and find it!)

PS. I am so sorry for all of the large vehicles with various sirens and rumbles that were driving past my house during this episode.

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