Balancing Illness with Business: Interview with Abi Nichols | #18


Today’s episode is an interview with my Facebook community manager, coaching client, Passion Pacer, and long time friend Abi! 

Abi is a fellow autistic, neurodiverse spoonie with fibromyalgia, ADHD, and a notebook for everything. So we’re talking disability and chronic illness, self worth, and balancing productivity with rest and recovery.  She is a single mom of three… but also kind of five. She lives and co-parents with her roommate in an intentional platonic partnership, so we’re talking about family, love, and feeling safe enough to ask for help in this episode too! 

Catch Abi’s updates on Instagram @SkyeSimply and @IntentionallyFamily. 

Try the Harvest App, which Abi mentions in this episode, for time tracking, if that’s useful for you! Find it at 

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Music by Leave Nelson B.

Photography by Jen Hearn.

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