What’s Your Anger Language? | #16


What makes you angry? Sad? Scared? 

We push “negative” feelings and thoughts away as a result of toxic positivity and spiritual bypassing. Learning to let these emotions happen as long as they need to happen takes getting used to but is so rewarding.

You deserve to feel the full spectrum of your human emotions!

This episode is all about how to let your anger have the space it needs to show you what’s underneath so you can process deeper emotions like fear, grief, shame, and more. Anger often tries to protect us, but if we don’t know how to express it in a healthy way we can push people away and hurt our relationships.

I also made you a workbook about the 5 Anger Languages and journal prompts to help you work through anger and other negative emotions. Get it here! https://bit.ly/AccessAnger 

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Music by Leave Nelson B. 

Photography by Jen Hearn. 

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