Perfectionism is the Enemy | #9


Raise your hand (metaphorically) if you’re the type of person who gives up when they don’t get something done right on the first try — it’s pretty common, and it’s from a perfectionistic mindset. We WANT to be good at things, and we see a TON of talented, creative people’s work online all day via social media, so we hold ourselves to these standards without realizing that we don’t see the years of practice it took people to get as good as they are. But here’s the thing: You have to START in order to improve.

If you put your passion on pause in order to get it absolutely perfectly right, you will be waiting forever and never feel ready, so I challenge you to just get out there and publish your first bad video, launch your first bad podcast, write the first draft of your book that WILL need editing and revisions, and accept that if it’s worth doing right, it’s worth doing poorly at first while you learn. Perfectionism is actually your enemy and will keep you paralyzed with fear until you accept that done is better than perfect, and perfect isn’t even real.

Get started learning a new skill, and expect to not get it perfect the first time. Here are some resources I mentioned in this episode: (now LinkedIn Learning) is often available for free through your library.

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