How to Avoid and Recover from Burnout | #8


We are all more burned out than we even realize. Let’s talk about that! From the mental load of household responsibilities to keeping up with a full time job that may or may not treat you more like a cog than a person, you have a lot going on. This episode will help you balance rest, creativity, and life’s responsibilities. 

Burnout happens when our outputs (responsibilities, work, kids, balancing the budget, etc) exceed our inputs (self care, rest, creativity, play) for an extended period of time. You need to REST – truly rest – in order to recover, and that is not always possible. As much as possible, build in time to give yourself those self care inputs, outsource whatever you can, and ask those in your circle to share the responsibility as evenly as possible. My first step with clients is to evaluate their schedule and their goals to make sure it all makes sense and won’t burn them out — and then we have to work on the mindset that pacing yourself to work sustainably toward your goals is okay and that you don’t have to do it all perfectly in order to succeed.

In this episode I talk about the mental load of household labor, and here’s a great comic about it that goes into deeper detail about the effects of this disparity (it’s definitely heteronormative but very informational and relatable!)

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