Run Like Hell Toward Happy is the podcast for overwhelmed creatives to stop hustling and finally create balance between work, life, play, and rest to finally achieve their deep-down dreams.

In this podcast, you will learn how to tune into your inner voice, reframe your negative thoughts that keep you from believing in yourself, and work through all the brain bullshit that keeps you from going for your dreams.

You know, deep down, what you want to be doing. So we’re going to find the confidence, boundaries, and balance to do it, without hustling and burning out.

It’s my mission to stop the status quo of “what we’re supposed to do” and start a revolution of creativity and passion.

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Intuition, Bias, and Trauma… How to Tell Them Apart with Orla Kirby | #63

Intuition, bias, and triggers – what’s the difference and how can we navigate them?    Sometimes listening to your gut can be confusing, when your gut is responding to trauma instead of helping you access your intuition. Join me and guest Orla Kirby to chat about this difference and how you can work through theContinue reading “Intuition, Bias, and Trauma… How to Tell Them Apart with Orla Kirby | #63”

How to Create While the World Burns with Tamara Protassow | #61

When the world’s on fire, is it time to quiet down… or to share your gifts with the world? Let’s talk about it!  This week I’m interviewing Tamara Protassow about why right now is the PERFECT time to embrace humanity, creativity, and making stuff. Tamara is a non-fiction writing coach, accountability coach and course creator.Continue reading “How to Create While the World Burns with Tamara Protassow | #61”


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